Photography Bucket list / by Michelle Clarkson

The people that really know me know that I love bucket lists, I love adventures, I love adrenaline and I love photography. Everyday, I think of a new picture I want to take and a new place I want to travel to. Unfortunately, I am not a millionaire and considering I am going into humanitarian photography I will most likely never become one. However, I think it is ok to dream; I think it is ok to have desires that seem out of reach, I think it is ok to have a bucket list that seems semi-impossible. So here goes nothing:

1. A bird's eye view of Mt. Everest before I skydive over it.

2. A close up of the camel I'm riding as I cross the Sahara Desert.

3. The smoke coming out of Mt. Vesuvius once I've hiked to the summit.

4. A portrait of a medicine man while I'm in Swaziland.

5. The statues of Easter Island.

6. The penguin I'm swimming next to in Antarctica.

7. A landscape of the Egyptian Pyramids at sunrise.

8. One of the stoic gargoyles of Notre Dame.

9. An animal I never knew existed

10. My sister on her wedding day.